NDP Leadership

NDP Leader: A Vote I'm Happy Not Casting

If Mulcair doesn't win, the pundit class tells us that Quebec will go back to the Bloc and we'll be worse off than we were before. Is that even true? And how do all these calculations change if Bob Rae doesn't step down as planned? All I know is, I'm kind of glad I'm not voting in this one.

Leadership Convention Marks Major Shift

OTTAWA - For every New Democrat banging a thunderstick on the convention floor in Toronto this weekend, there will be 30 more banging on their keyboards at home.The system by which NDP members will ch...

Liberals Feeling The NDP Squeeze

New Democrats won’t be the only ones tuning into the party’s leadership convention this weekend. It’s likely the Liberals will be keeping a careful eye on who’s chosen to succeed Jack Layton, the lead...

Why Mulcair Could Still Lose NDP Race

OTTAWA - He hesitated at the starting gate, but after a seven-month marathon Thomas Mulcair is leading the pack as it pounds down the home stretch of the federal NDP leadership race.The only question...

NDP Set For TV Battle With Tories

OTTAWA - The NDP is preparing a "significant" ad campaign to promote its new leader before the Conservatives get a chance to taint Canadians' first impressions with attack ads of their own.The new lea...

An Obvious Alliance?

OTTAWA - Thousands of Martin Singh supporters in B.C.'s South Asian community are being urged to rank front-runner Thomas Mulcair as their second choice for federal NDP leader.As recently as Sunday, S...

The Final Face-Off

The seven federal NDP leadership hopefuls are squaring off against each other for the last time before the party's convention, with Thomas Mulcair again coming under fire at Sunday's debate in Vancouv...

Look Who's In The Hot Seat

VANCOUVER - The candidates in the NDP leadership race joined their efforts Sunday during the party's final debate in Vancouver to halt the frontrunner's momentum, warning Thomas Mulcair's new vision w...

Strange Bedfellows?

OTTAWA - Is Martin Singh playing the role of Thomas Mulcair's attack dog?Rival camps in the NDP leadership contest certainly think so, although Mulcair's adamantly denies it.For weeks there's been ram...

NDP MP Saganash Makes A Key Endorsement

OTTAWA - Romeo Saganash has thrown his support behind Montreal MP Thomas Mulcair for the leadership of the federal NDP.Saganash had been a contender for the party's top job himself, but dropped out ea...

NDP Leadership Separatism

Over the weekend I attended an official NDP leadership debate in Montreal and two candidates took time to reaffirm their support for Quebec sovereignty. Either these New Democrats really mean what they say -- in which case they are dangerous -- or they don't, and hence don't deserve the support of Canadians for lying about their beliefs on the quintessential issue of national unity. Take your pick.
In the wake of Jack Layton's death, the NDP began the process of selecting a new leader. A convention was held in Toronto in March and Quebec MP Thomas Mulcair was elected leader.