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MP Angus Endorses Dewar For NDP Leader

Paul Dewar is the leadership candidate most likely to lead the NDP to government, Ontario MP Charlie Angus said as he threw his support behind the Ottawa MP. Dewar announced earlier this week that Ed...

Brian Topp Scores Key NDP Endorsement

OTTAWA - The second half of the NDP leadership race is starting much like the first, with candidates striving to demonstrate momentum through a raft of endorsements from New Democrat and labour heavyw...
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Protecting Families From a Conservative Agenda

The current Conservative government has seen fit to offer breaks only to the wealthy, exacerbating the growing gap between the rich and the rest of us. Families need help getting childcare, but instead of creating new affordable spaces, the Conservatives offer a tax break that doesn't cover the cost of a week's care for a single child.

Mulcair's Environmental Gambit

Say what you will, but Mulcair has bonafides in the environmental field and as Canada abandons international climate accords like Kyoto, any opposition leader -- let alone Prime Minister -- needs to understand the environment file deeply, and the role our environment plays in our economic future.

NDP Leadership Hopefuls Face Off In B.C.

VANCOUVER - A national childcare plan, health care and First Nations poverty emerged as the dominant issues at a town hall forum headlined by nine NDP leadership candidates hoping to clinch the top jo...

Topp Won't Run For Layton's Old Seat

OTTAWA - NDP leadership hopeful Brian Topp has ruled out running in a byelection to fill the Toronto seat left vacant by Jack Layton's death.Instead, Topp says he wants to run in Quebec, the province...

Mulcair Goes Cap-And-Trade

OTTAWA - NDP leadership hopeful Thomas Mulcair has scored an endorsement from a Nobel Prize-winning expert on climate change.The endorsement from Andrew Weaver comes as Mulcair unveils a new approach...

Mulcair Gets Key Endorsement

OTTAWA - NDP leadership hopeful Thomas Mulcair has snagged a high-profile endorsement from former Manitoba premier and governor general Ed Schreyer.The endorsement is important for the Montreal MP, wh...

NDP Leadership Race Is a Campaign of Nobodies

While the candidates are a decent bunch of individuals, can Canadians envision all but a couple of them as the next prime minister of Canada? I say that because in the end, that is what this leadership race is all about. Whoever wins could be our next prime minister.

Topp: Make The Rich Pay

OTTAWA - The widening gap between rich and poor is today's central economic issue, says NDP leadership candidate Brian Topp.He's promising to rescind $18 billion in annual tax breaks to corporations a...
In the wake of Jack Layton's death, the NDP began the process of selecting a new leader. A convention was held in Toronto in March and Quebec MP Thomas Mulcair was elected leader.