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How to Defeat Stephen Harper

The Conservatives sold people a phony bill of goods, playing on anger over hot button social issues while undermining their economic future. But we can foster a sense of co-operation in our society rather than pitting people against each other, constantly fanning the flames of fear as Stephen Harper has done.
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Selling Out Rural Canada

We proudly refer to being the second largest country in the world and one of the least densely populated. What receives less attention is the fact that with every year, more and more people are forced to leave home in rural communities to look for work elsewhere.

NDP Support Slipping

OTTAWA - The harsh spotlight of their first turn as official Opposition without an established leader may be taking an early toll on the NDP.The latest survey by The Canadian Press-Harris Decima sugge...

Peggy Nash Gets Big Leadership Endorsement

HALIFAX - Former federal NDP leader Alexa McDonough is endorsing Peggy Nash for the party's leadership.McDonough says the Toronto MP has the skills and experience to take on what she described as the...

Niki Ashton Enters NDP Leadership Race

Manitoba MP Niki Ashton announced Monday that she will try to become the next leader of the NDP. She officially declared her candidacy at an event in Montreal. She indicated early on in the leadership...
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Peggy Nash Joins Crowded NDP Race

OTTAWA - The first woman to enter the crowded race to succeed former NDP leader Jack Layton cast herself Friday as a centrist option with strong economic credentials at a time of recessionary fears.MP...
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Thomas Mulcair Not Interested in Playing it Safe

Mulcair is reputed to have a quick and unpredictable temper, which makes him exciting, but he also seems to look beyond the present. He's said that if the NDP ever wants to form the government, it must be prepared to "do things differently." That sounds like an innovative guy who is anxious to break fresh ground.

Dewar Unveils $500-Million Urban Strategy

OTTAWA - NDP leadership hopeful Paul Dewar wants the federal government to give an additional $500 million annually to hardpressed municipalities.The funding — equivalent to another one cent per litre...

NDP Has Raised Small Fortune From The Dead

OTTAWA - The last election breathed new life to the NDP's political fortunes, but for years the party has been raising actual fortunes from beyond the grave.An analysis of political contributions by T...

Raise Taxes On The Rich, Topp Urges

OTTAWA - Brian Topp is boldly going where most Canadian politicians fear to tread: promising to make the wealthy pay more in taxes.The perceived frontrunner in the NDP leadership race wants his party...

The Next Leader Of The NDP?

If New Democrats want a leader who will focus on Canada’s business community, the environment and health care, Martin Singh says he’s their man. The pharmacist from Musquodoboit Harbour, N.S., is pit...

Topp Wins Backing From Major Union

New Democratic Party leadership candidate Brian Topp, described by a pollster this week as the "elite juggernaut" candidate, has picked up a major new backer on the eve of rival Tom Mulcair's expected...

Brian Topp Gets Key NDP Organizer

OTTAWA - One of the key architects of the NDP's historic breakthrough in Quebec is taking charge of Brian Topp's leadership campaign.Raymond Guardia has been named Topp's campaign director.The move is...

The NDP's Applause Line Problem

Applause lines are those bits in a speech designed to get an audience cheering and clapping with approval that you see on the evening news. So what's the problem? Well, the NDP leadership candidates will be tempted to come up with an applause line that's also highly partisan and ideologically-oriented.

Cullen Joins NDP Leadership Race

OTTAWA - Nathan Cullen has become the third candidate to jump into the federal NDP leadership race.The 39-year-old MP from northern British Columbia billed himself as an anti-establishment contender w...
In the wake of Jack Layton's death, the NDP began the process of selecting a new leader. A convention was held in Toronto in March and Quebec MP Thomas Mulcair was elected leader.