NDP Leadership

Saganash Joins NDP Race

VAL-D'OR, Que. - Rookie MP Romeo Saganash entered the NDP leadership race on Friday, joining party president Brian Topp in the hunt for the top job of the Official Opposition.Saganash had been widely...

Leadership Election Rules in Desperate Need of Reform

Ideally, given that two federal parties currently do not have leaders, all parties should work together and pass a bill that democratizes party leadership and nomination races and uphold the democratic principles of one person, one vote, and of honesty, openness, ethics and fair and accurate representation.

NDP Insider Topp Enters Leadership Race

OTTAWA - Promising he will defeat the Conservative government, NDP president Brian Topp has launched a bid to replace the late Jack Layton as party leader.The fluently bilingual Quebecer is the first...

NDP To Choose New Leader In March

OTTAWA - The New Democrats will have a new face without the familiar moustache in March.The NDP leadership convention will be held March 24 in Toronto.And for the price of a modest new car, you too ca...

Olivia Chow Rules Out NDP Leadership Bid

TORONTO — New Democrat MP Olivia Chow says she won't be a candidate to succeed her late husband Jack Layton. In an interview with the CBC Sunday night, Chow says she'll continue her duties in the Hous...

No Chance Of An NDP-Liberal Merger: Topp

The NDP is not interested in merging with the Liberals, the party's president and a potential leadership candidate said Wednesday. "Our willingness to work with others to get things done in Parliamen...

Potential NDP Leaders, Are You In or Out?

It doesn't matter who wins the crown in the next NDP leadership race, because they will be constantly compared to Layton. Potential leadership candidates will need to evaluate if it is better to jump in now or wait until there is a future leadership opening when they can be more fairly judged.
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The Rookie MP Filling Jack's Shoes

THE CANADIAN PRESS — OTTAWA - New Democrat MPs have unanimously backed rookie Quebec MP Nycole Turmel as interim leader. The caucus has wrapped up a special caucus meeting to consider Turmel as a temp...

Sunday Roundup

They came, they saw, they occupied -- occupied, at least the attention of the media. Canadians unleashed their own version of Occupy Wall Street over the weekend. What they lacked in message they made up for in passion and colour. Numbers turned out to protest -- what exactly? It was a long, often vague list. Banks. Corporate greed. Capitalism. The teetering world economy. The frustration is understandable, especially down south. The United States is facing its worst economic depression since, well, the Depression. None of those responsible for contributing to the crash -- and here, there are actual names and faces -- have been brought to account. In Canada, however, the banks have behaved... pretty well. Canadians have escaped... the worst of the recession (and I say that with a qualified "so far." If Europe falls, we're all toast). Still, fears are real. And so is the uncertainty of our future. So what the hell. Get out there if that's your bag.
In the wake of Jack Layton's death, the NDP began the process of selecting a new leader. A convention was held in Toronto in March and Quebec MP Thomas Mulcair was elected leader.