Nelly Furtado

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An Unforgettable Walk With Spencer West

The act of walking forward is a truly life-affirming motion. In life, we are always moving forward in some way, whether through space, time or in growth. The way we travel forward defines us. If we travel with positivity, pace, good humour and graciousness, we always arrive in the right place.

Seattle Seahawks' Coach Pete Carroll Has a Game Plan for LA's Kids

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has shown us that his football philosophy changes lives. Earlier in his career, Carroll couldn't sit back and watch as kids in L.A.'s inner-city schools succumbed to pressure to join gangs. He created A Better LA in 2003, an organization that works to reduce gang violence by offering skills training and resources for people looking to get off the streets.

The Musical Showcase That Puts the Spotlight on Canadian Girls

As a VJ on MuchMusic, I've shared the stage and interviewed many talented musicians, but when I was asked to host the 17th Annual Honey Jam Showcase on August 16, I was thrilled. Since 1995, Honey Jam has fostered some of the best female artists in our country. Phenomenal singers like Nelly Furtado, Reema Major, and Jully Black have all been discovered on the Honey Jam stage. I'm excited to introduce an eager audience to a new batch of magnificently talented women.

10 Things I've Learned From Craig Kielburger

It's probably better to be optimistic than pessimistic. Being optimistic gives you the passion and drive to keep fighting an uphill battle, even if you aren't seeing results. It's harder, but it's better for you and the world around you.