New Job


The Key Ingredient Missing From Your Resolutions

For anyone who's reached a goal or manifested a dream, you know that it starts with figuring out what that dream or goal is. The rest is about applying your energy in the direction of your desire to make it happen. Running a 10k starts with a sweaty, breathless jog around the block; starting a business with a brainstorming session with your smartest friends and advisors; writing a book with opening the file and naming it.

How I Turned My Corporate Life Around

I came from corporate life and have felt like a cog in the wheel of a huge corporate structure. At the time I had a work-to-live mentality, so it didn't matter that projects I worked so hard to push through were suddenly "discontinued" or postponed until later. The flexible hours were enough to justify the balanced life I lived. But soon it became frustrating.

Advice For Those in Job Limbo

After a while all job transition stories sound like BS. Forget the fluff -- it shouldn't take longer than 30 seconds to explain that the company downsized and you're gone. Put yourself in a hiring manager's shoes. They've heard it all before.

The Beginner's Guide to Job Hunting

People think they need to go directly from one job to the next, but in my experience we all need a little decompression. Have a staycation, go to the movies in the afternoon, sleep in, and get over the fact that you left or lost your job. Grieve a little. It's natural.