New Westminster

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Stop Telling Me to Move to the Suburbs

Seems like every generation since the Second World War has had a reason to flock to the suburbs. For our parents, it was a yard for us kids to play in and a respite from the supposedly crime-ridden cities. For my generation? Housing prices, thanks to a skyrocketing real estate market and boomers that never seem to tire of telling us we have no choice but to go east, young wo/man.
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Teen Charged In Brutal Attack

NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C. - A 16-year-old will be charged with a vicious attack in New Westminster, B.C., that has left a 19-year-old man in a coma and not expected to survive.Integrated Homicide Investig...

Blaze Batters New West

Firefighters are fighting a large fire on Columbia and MacKenzie streets in downtown New Westminster, B.C., on Thursday morning. Eyewitnesses say the fire broke out before 4 a.m. PT and by 5 a.m. the...

Mountie Convicted In Deadly Crash Quits

NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C. - Veteran RCMP officer Cpl. Benjamin (Monty) Robinson, whose involvement in Robert Dziekanski's death and unrelated conviction in a fatal accident made him an example of the bad...