Newton Shooting

Don't Blame Adam Lanza's Mother

Jane Tolmie | Posted 02.18.2013 | Canada
Jane Tolmie

Nancy Lanza -- mother of Connecticut shooter Adam Lanza -- is dead. And it's not the time and place to criticize her as an anomaly, some sort of freakish survivalist, when in fact she was a participant in a broader gun culture that should be getting our serious attention. When such shootings happen, however, it is far easier to blame one individual woman for being a "bad mother" who created a "monster" than to acknowledge that some aspects of society in general might be bad and in need of changing. Where does the real instability lie?

Should Teachers Carry Guns?

CBC | Posted 02.18.2013 | Canada

In the small rural Harrold Independent School District in northwest Texas, some teachers are allowed to be armed with guns — a controversial policy ...

The Right to Bear Arms Is Wrong

Abubakar Kasim | Posted 02.15.2013 | Canada Politics
Abubakar Kasim

Words cannot describe the agony and pain felt by the families who have lost loved once in the mass shooting that had taken place at the Sandy Hook El...

Media Bites: Why Words Fail Us in Wake of Newton Shooting

J.J. McCullough | Posted 02.15.2013 | Canada
J.J. McCullough

2012-04-27-mediabitesreal.jpg I think anyone who's so much attempted to compose a empathetic tweet about the Newtown bloodbath without spitting up a mountain of maudlin cliches can sympathize with the media's impossibly grim task of offering unique and eloquent reactions to an event that doesn't exactly excite the intellectual juices.

No Place For Ambiguity In Aftermath Of School Shooting

Kash Heed | Posted 02.15.2013 | Canada British Columbia
Kash Heed

The politician in me understands that in crafting policy, factors such as social conditions, supports available for mental illness, and the protection in place at children's schools, must all be considered. I am well aware of how important comprehensive consideration, investment, and ultimately prevention can be in avoiding incidents like Friday's shooting. The cop in me, however, is an unyielding proponent of strict gun control after witnessing firsthand the devastation gun violence causes society. It also makes me intolerant of playing the politics of re-election and courting public support on issues of this magnitude.

Tougher Licensing In Order For Canada And U.S.?

CBC | Posted 02.15.2013 | Canada British Columbia

A Vancouver woman whose mother was killed in the worst mass school shooting in U.S. history says now is the time to talk about restricting or licensin...

Marois Comments On Long-Gun Registry After Newtown Massacre

CBC | Posted 02.15.2013 | Canada Politics

The shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Conn. may have sparked talks about gun control in the U.S., but the discussion has crosse...