Ottawa Reacts To Foreign Takeover Approvals

When the prime minster called a hasty press lock-up on a Friday evening, Ottawa knew something big was brewing. Stephen Harper has announced the government's approval of the hotly-contested takeover o...

Feds Approve Chinese Takeover Of Nexen

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper ended months of market uncertainty by approving the foreign takeovers of Calgary-based Nexen Inc. and Progress Energy Resources Corp. _ but insisted future appro...

China-Nexen Deal: National Buoy or Ball and Chain?

By December 10, The federal government is expected to make a decision on whether to approve or reject the takeover of Nexen by a Chinese state-run company. Any rearward decision-making process hinging on knee-jerk intercultural reactions, quick paydays or short-sighted goals is detrimental to our country as a whole.