Not Every Tory Was On Board

Three Conservative MPs wrote to the prime minister and the industry minister to raise concerns about the contentious takeover of Calgary-based oil and gas producer Nexen by a Chinese state-run company...

Harper's Make-and-Break Attitude on Foreign Investment

The way Harper made his decision on the new foreign ownership rules is dangerous and undemocratic. Canada has legislation, the Investment Canada Act, that sets out the process and requirements for foreign purchases. Strange that the deal that prompted him to develop the policy will be immune from the policy. Can he choose to ignore his own rules the next time?

Ottawa Reacts To Foreign Takeover Approvals

When the prime minster called a hasty press lock-up on a Friday evening, Ottawa knew something big was brewing. Stephen Harper has announced the government's approval of the hotly-contested takeover o...

China-Nexen Deal: National Buoy or Ball and Chain?

By December 10, The federal government is expected to make a decision on whether to approve or reject the takeover of Nexen by a Chinese state-run company. Any rearward decision-making process hinging on knee-jerk intercultural reactions, quick paydays or short-sighted goals is detrimental to our country as a whole.

CSIS Warns Of Chinese Cyber-Spies: Report

Canada's intelligence service is warning Canadian businesses about the growing threat of Chinese cyber-spies. Sources have told CBC News that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) is aler...

Can Canada Become China's New Australia?

The variations between Canadian and Australian politics and policies are as interesting as the fundamental similarities between them. Both are highly globalized, mixing multiculturalism with modified versions of the Westminster parliamentary system. Although in the past this nationalism has been directed toward the United States, it is now the question of Chinese access that has become the lightening rod of controversy.