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Why The Outrage Over The Nina Simone Biopic Has Nothing To Do With Zoe Saldana

By casting someone who looks so unlike Simone, but has whiter, more favoured features erases her in her own movie. That just doesn't make sense. It's not as though Saldana can't make her best efforts as an actress to try to try and put herself if Simone's dark skin and embody her character, but why is she needed to do that when there are so many other actresses who have lived this life themselves.
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I've Discovered My Own Definition Of Blackness

If being Black represents strength and a great history of kings and queens (and therefore feeds my personal identity), why then does everything I tell myself about being Black seem more like a story that I tell myself so that I can deal with the actuality of being Black? I grew up around Black people who told other Black people, and who learned from non-Black people, that being Black was ugly.