How Do the Leaders Rate Post-Munk Debate?

Each of the leaders would present a different face of Canada to the world. Mulcair clearly demonstrated a new NDP approach to the realm of foreign affairs for Canada. Trudeau worked hard to dig into his opponents, but didn't present himself as a possible world leader. Stephen Harper managed to stay out of any major trouble and reinforced his image as a "tough on terror" PM.

Canada Must Strengthen Its Missile Defence

We are not America's slaves; we're their independent partners. Look how Paul Martin told George W. that we weren't going to join the U.S. ballistic missile defence program, designed to defend against unmanned missiles that rogue states like North Korea or Iran may decide to fire at western countries. But are we shirkers or independent thinkers? Turning down Iraq was independent thinking, and good thinking at that. Refusing to share in ballistic missile defence smacks is starting to look more and more like shirking.

Canada Strongly Disagrees

OTTAWA - Canada is strongly condemning North Korea's launch of a long-range rocket, calling it reckless and provocative.Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird says the North's actions "clearly demonstrat...

Russia's Next Face Off on Ice

Team Canada's heartbreaking defeat at the World Junior Hockey semifinals has many Canadians thinking ruefully about their Russian rivals on ice. But they'd be wise to pay attention to another Russian rivalry: Vladimir Putin's aggressive new push to expand Russian arctic sovereignty claims.