Norm Kelly

Looking For Another Reason To Laugh At Toronto? Here You Go

The Huffington Post Canada | Mohamed Omar | Posted 04.13.2016 | Canada Living

Brace yourself.

Behind The Scenes At Toronto Men's Fashion Week

Leah Morrigan | Posted 03.01.2017 | Canada Style
Leah Morrigan

From February 20 to 26, I volunteered for the fourth season of Toronto Men's Fashion Week (TOM*) and helped out on the model relations team. It was as intense as it was incredible, and the seven days spun before my eyes like a top.

Even The '6 Dad' Has Dance Moves Like Drake

The Huffington Post Canada | Arti Patel | Posted 11.25.2015 | Canada Living

Things are definitely hot up in the 6 right now...

That Time Norm Kelly Asked Lil B To Bless The Blue Jays, And They Won (Twice)

The Huffington Post Canada | Jessica Chin | Posted 10.12.2015 | Canada Living

Thank you, Based God.

'Super Chill' Norm Kelly Is On A Michigan Teen's Phone Case

The Huffington Post Canada | Jessica Chin | Posted 09.19.2015 | Canada

“I just think he’s really funny and everything."

6ix Gods Make Surprise Joint Appearance At Ryerson

The Huffington Post Canada | Jessica Chin | Posted 09.13.2015 | Canada Living

It's the moment Torontonians have been waiting for since the start of the Meek Mill debacle: Drake and Norm Kelly, together at last. The rapper ma...

Norm Kelly Wants Pedestrians To Give Drivers The Finger

The Huffington Post Canada | Jessica Chin | Posted 09.08.2015 | Canada Politics

Mrs. Kelly's favourite son has some words of wisdom.

Norm Kelly Goes Back 2 Back With Tim Hortons' Timbits Poutine

The Huffington Post Canada | Arti Patel | Posted 09.02.2015 | Canada Living

The Toronto Twitter God loves his poutine.

Toronto Mayor Tells Pickup Artist He's Not Welcome

The Huffington Post Canada | Jesse Ferreras | Posted 08.12.2015 | Canada Living

John Tory doesn't take well to this man speaking in his city.

Toronto Area Mayors: Little Help Please?

CP | Paola Loriggio, The Canadian Press | Posted 03.18.2014 | Canada Politics

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. - The federal and provincial governments should each foot a third of the bill for cleaning up after last month's devastating ice sto...

Rob Ford Has Kathleen Wynne Right Where He Wants Her

Mark Towhey | Posted 03.17.2014 | Canada Politics
Mark Towhey

Relieved of most of his civic responsibilities, Rob Ford is occupying his time by campaigning for re-election and torturing the premier. He's got her over a barrel, and he knows it. Premier Wynne, on the other hand, has nothing to gain in this dispute. She'd love to dodge it, but Ford won't let her. She can't be seen to reinforce Ford's misbehaviour by ignoring it and meeting with him. But, she can't stand up and publicly disenfranchise a democratically elected civic leader, especially one whose electoral mandate dwarfs hers 15 times over.

Premier Defends Icing Out Ford

CP | Diana Mehta, The Canadian Press | Posted 03.17.2014 | Canada Politics

TORONTO - The gulf between Toronto's controversial mayor and Ontario's premier widened Wednesday as Rob Ford said it was "very disappointing" that Kat...

Toronto Now Wants To Be Declared 'Disaster Area'

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 03.15.2014 | Canada Politics

TORONTO - Toronto's city council voted Monday in favour of asking for disaster relief to help cover the cost of last month's ice storm.During the seco...

What Will Deputy Mayor Accomplish?

CBC | Posted 02.06.2014 | Canada Politics

A few months ago, Norm Kelly was a city councillor representing Scarborough—Agincourt. Today he has many of the legislative powers of mayor, formall...

Ford's Not Happy

CP | Maria Babbage, The Canadian Press | Posted 02.02.2014 | Canada Politics

TORONTO - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford may be feeling a chill coming from Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne's office.She appears to be freezing out the trouble...

Apology Was 'Enough,' Says Deputy Mayor

CP | Paola Loriggio and Diana Mehta, The Canadian Press | Posted 01.23.2014 | Canada Politics

TORONTO - Canada's largest city remained divided over its embattled mayor Monday after a public apology from Rob Ford failed to quell the controversy ...

Rob Ford To Meet With Deputy Mayor

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 01.23.2014 | Canada Politics

TORONTO - Toronto’s deputy mayor says he will meet Saturday with Rob Ford to discuss concerns about the latest allegations swirling around the mayor...

My Dog And I Pooh-Pooh Your Bag Ban

Peter Worthington | Posted 08.12.2012 | Canada Politics
Peter Worthington

I found plastic bags enormously useful to have around -- not only for garbage at home, but also when walking the dog. How can plastic bags be banned? Who do those councilors think they are? Who'll police the ban? Surely not our cops. The plastic bag fiasco stands as another example of those in charge trying to improve on an issue, and going too far into an area they know little about, having done no research.

If Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Can't Beat His TTC Nemesis, He May Oust him

CBC | Posted 04.18.2012 | Canada Politics

TTC board members allied with Mayor Rob Ford are expected to call for the removal of the TTC's chief general manager Tuesday. On Friday th...

Calgary And Toronto Showdowns Looming

CBC | Posted 01.15.2012 | Canada

Occupy Toronto protesters have won an injunction against a city eviction notice that could have forced them to evict them from a downtown park — the...