Northern Gateway Hearings


Giddy Up, Partners!

TERRACE, B.C. - There is a growing imbalance between oil supply and delivery in Canada and doing nothing is not an option, the lawyer for the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers told a federal...

Enbridge's Case For Northern Gateway

TERRACE, B.C. - Canada will be vulnerable to economic disaster should the Northern Gateway pipeline be rejected, the proponent told a federal review panel Monday as the final phase of public hearings...

Feds To Come Clean With Pipeline Ads

VANCOUVER - One of the key concerns for the federal government in a multimillion-dollar Natural Resources advertising campaign was the negative publicity around the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline,...

'World-Class' Spill Response Questioned

PRINCE RUPERT, B.C. - The B.C. government says its support for the Northern Gateway pipeline is partly contingent upon a world-class oil spill response plan, but the federal review panel weighing the...

Enbridge Pipeline Puts Hope For A Better World At Stake

I am from Germany and moved to British Columbia with my wife and daughter in 2006. Our original plan was to stay for two years but we fell in love with the spectacular natural beauty of this province. No wild places like the B.C. coast remain in Germany. The idea of losing the wholeness of this landscape, First Nations cultures, the salmon, bears and whales to a catastrophic tanker or pipeline accident is heartbreaking.

Enbridge Needs PR Lesson: Garneau

Federal Liberal leadership candidate Marc Garneau says Enbridge has not treated the people of British Columbia respectfully in its push to build the Northern Gateway pipeline. "Enbridge needs to lea...

B.C. Protesters Rally To Plug Pipelines

VANCOUVER - Five protesters face charges after a group of people staged a noisy disruption at Vancouver hearings into the Northern Gateway pipeline project.Three men and two women managed to sneak int...

Police Guard Victoria Pipeline Hearings

VICTORIA - Uniformed police officers stood guard over two Victoria area hotels Friday to ensure orderly public hearings on the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline project, but protesters called the seq...

Enbridge Project 'Very Very Misleading'

PRINCE RUPERT, B.C. - A half dozen Pacific humpback whales broke the grey surface of the ocean Tuesday just a few nautical miles away from where proponents and critics are sparing before a federal pan...

More Pipeline Hearings For B.C.

VANCOUVER - The environmental review panel examining the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline has added another 10 weeks of hearings.The panel will now return to Prince Rupert, B.C., in February of next...

Long On Promises, Short On Action

VANCOUVER - The company that wants to build the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline through pristine British Columbian wilderness is challenging provincial government officials to stop the trash talk a...

B.C. Unimpressed By Enbridge Answers

PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. - The company proposing to build the Northern Gateway pipeline to British Columbia's pristine coast was hammered with its own record Thursday by a lawyer for environmentalists who...

Oil Spills Happen

The likelihood of a spill along the route is high enough that it can be considered inevitable. A spill along any of the many rivers and streams the pipeline crosses, or along the coast, would contaminate fish and aquatic life. The contamination would then work its way up the food chain affecting the whole ecosystem.