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Nova Scotia NDP To Pay Back Money

HALIFAX - Elections Nova Scotia says the provincial New Democrats have admitted to breaking advertising rules by sending out partisan materials at taxpayer expense during a byelection.A release says t...

Veteran N.S. NDP Members Quit

HALIFAX - Eighteen months after the NDP lost power in Nova Scotia, the party took another hit on Thursday when two legislature members from Cape Breton suddenly announced they are leaving politics.The...

Dexter Resigns As Nova Scotia NDP Leader

HALIFAX - Former Nova Scotia premier Darrell Dexter said Saturday that his government will be remembered for leading the province through a tough recession as he announced he was stepping down as lead...

The NDP Needs Friends in Wealthy Places

With the defeat of the NDP government of Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter on Tuesday, the number of provinces ruled by Canada's New Democrats now consists entirely of lonely Manitoba. The unfair reality remains that by virtue of their party's radical anti-capitalist past and confused kinda-socialist-kinda-not present, New Democrats automatically carry the heavy burden of being persistently least-trusted by the general public to run a modern, free-market economy.

He Still Loves It

HALIFAX - A brief encounter with Darrell Dexter on the doorstep of Max Trzcinski's home in the final days of Nova Scotia's election campaign left the university student charmed."He seemed a little mor...

In Deep Trouble?

HALIFAX - In a province where voters have granted a second term or more to every government for the past 131 years, Nova Scotia's New Democrats are hoping history will repeat itself when the election...

'He's Let People Down'

HALIFAX - If you believe the polls, Darrell Dexter has an image problem.The Nova Scotia premier, whose homespun image as everyone's favourite uncle helped propel the New Democrats into power in 2009,...

Trouble For Nova Scotia NDP?

HALIFAX - Premier Darrell Dexter is dismissing as "childish" a complaint filed with Elections Nova Scotia about the NDP's use of a taxpayer-funded caucus brochure after the provincial election campaig...

Here We Go!

PORT HAWKESBURY, N.S. -- Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter has called a provincial election for Oct. 8 with the economy, leadership and energy expected to be the big issues in the 31-day campaign. De...

Balanced Budget? Are You Sure?

HALIFAX - Nova Scotia's opposition parties are gearing up to fight the NDP government's assertion that its spring budget is balanced.The $9.5-billion budget forecasts a small surplus of $16.4 million...