Nuclear Weapons Iran

A Third Way for De-Nuking Iran

What if Israel acknowledged its own collection of nuclear weapons and announced a willingness to get rid of the entire arsenal in exchange for an Iranian promise to stop pursuing the bomb? Worst case, Iran refuses the offer, continues building its nukes, and we're back to square one. Either way, Israel has offered peace to its most dangerous enemy.

What Canada Can Do to Thwart Iranian Threat

The European Union has committed to an Iranian oil embargo in hopes of compelling Iran to rethink its nuclear activities. Canada has given every indication that it shares that bleak assessment. Here are ways for the Harper government to take bold but responsible action.

Get Nukes Out of Iranian Hands NOW

Regime change can be left to the Iranians when their elites, disintegrated though they have been by oppression and dispersal abroad, tire of this nostalgic theocratic misadventure into Middle Ages Islam. But the nuclear capability has to be destroyed soon.