Nycole Turmel


Emails Contradict Mulcair

OTTAWA — NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair was defiant Tuesday as he faced reporters asking why his party had informed the House of Commons that its Montreal-based employees were working in Ottawa. Facing the...

Nycole Turmel Prepares To Fade Away

On Saturday July 23, 2011, Nycole Turmel's vacation was interrupted by a phone call and five-minute conversation that changed her life. On the other end of the line was Jack Layton, calling to inform...

Rebellious NDP MPs Punished

OTTAWA - Two NDP MPs who voted to kill the federal gun registry were aware they would be punished for their actions, a party spokesman says.Jack Harris, the NDP's justice critic, says Ontario MPs John...
John Laforet

Hey Protesters: Our Top 1% Differs From U.S.

What does interim NDP Leader Nycole Turmel, have in common with Phillip Brown, General Manager of the City of Toronto's Shelter Housing Support and 65 employees at the Hospital for Sick Children? By my estimation, each of them earns an income that grants them membership to Canada's demonized one per cent.

Harper Defends MacKay's Travel Tab

Defence Minister Peter MacKay has spent hundreds of hours and millions of dollars on Challenger jets since 2009, according to flight logs, with one trip costing more than $200,000. An analysis of the...

NDP To Choose New Leader In March

OTTAWA - The New Democrats will have a new face without the familiar moustache in March.The NDP leadership convention will be held March 24 in Toronto.And for the price of a modest new car, you too ca...