Obama Fiscal Cliff

It's Obama's Turn: Let Him Fix This Mess

Obama knows the U.S. deficit is unsustainable and the U.S. debt is a huge problem. But it's Obama's turn and the Republicans should let Obama deal with these problems as best he can. With terrorism making the world such a dangerous place, now is not the time for Republicans to shut down the U.S. government over the debt ceiling.

Fiscal Cliff? More Like Cold Shower

America's day of fiscal reckoning has been postponed because of the rise of the Tea Party anti-state movement. Fiscal "cliff" is the wrong metaphor. What's about to happen is not the end of the world, as falling off a cliff would imply. A better metaphor is America is about to head into a "fiscal cold shower."

Democrats End Up With the Real "Trump" Card

: For all the negative campaigning, aimed at shifting an ever-shrinking undecided voter contingent, including Donald Trump's last minute media grab on his $5 million offering for Obama disclosure documents (now there's a man with a real journey into insignificance); America's philosophical divide became even more apparent. Republicans turned out the angry white gentlemen and rural vote, while Democrats solidified their captive hold over urban, Black, Hispanic and female voters.