WATCH: This Is How Obesity Begins

Obesity doesn't happen overnight. It's a lifetime of choices and bad habits -- many of which begin early on. In the video above, posted on YouTube by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s Strong4Life, a...
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Is The Obesity Epidemic A Myth?

There is no obesity epidemic, says a free market think tank. In a report titled "Obesity in Canada: Overstated Problems, Misguided Policy Solutions," the Fraser Institute argues that there was no sign...

The Case Against Taxing Soda

The biggest target of obesity in North America? Soda. Many experts now claim that soda is the new tobacco -- indeed, Google those terms and you get more than 7 million hits. For them, Coke is the new Camel. Let me take a step back and note the basic problem in fighting obesity like we fought tobacco.

Obesity Doesn't Always Mean Unfit

Some obese people can be just as fit as those of a normal weight and carry no greater risk of developing heart disease or cancer, studies suggest. Research published in the European Heart Journal Wedn...