Occupy Edmonton


Occupy Edmonton Evicted Overnight

EDMONTON - A media report says police moved in overnight to shut down the Occupy Edmonton encampment at a downtown city park.An Edmonton radio station (CHED) says officers converged on the Melcor-owne...

What Has Occupy Canada Accomplished?

TORONTO - Who exactly is listening to them remains an open question but as they head into their second week, Occupy Canada protesters across the country insist they have accomplished much even though...
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Separating Oil and State

In Canada, corporate greed in our nation can be directly connected to the destruction of the natural world, perhaps most visually apparent in the tar sands. If the Occupy movement is going to break corporate control, we need to start where it is most apparent in our government. We need to "separate oil and state."

Canadian Occupation Begins Today

TORONTO - Their stories were varied, their demands different, but demonstrators drawn to the streets of Canada on Saturday were united by their desire to decry the financial inequality and corporate g...