Occupy Wallstreet

Did You Really Expect Us Not To Be an Entitled Generation?

David McCullough Jr. recently gave a commencement address, in which he told the students the cold, hard reality that "none of you is special." Who is to blame for this? Maybe those very same parents and teachers who are so quick to accuse us of it. The baby boomers, with the best intentions, have made us into what we are today: a generation of spoiled individuals. Why are they surprised?

Here's Why Capitalism Could Save the World

Capitalism is simply a system of economic organization that doesn't have any inherent moral values (good or bad) built into it. It's like saying the Internet is bad because it's got creepy BDSM porn photos and videos of people killing kittens. Yes, certain elements of it are flawed and disturbing, if not thoroughly lacking in morality. But to abandon it is foolery.

So There's Income Inequality. Now What?

Following an awareness breakthrough in 2011, public support and political interest for addressing inequality is apparent. But what is to be done? The more effective option for combating inequality is for governments to, first, rebuild greater fairness into our systems of taxation and, second, increase the distribution of income from the "top" to the "bottom."