Ocean Acidification

Remember: Our Oceans Are Defined By What We Put In Them

David Suzuki | Posted 08.04.2014 | Canada
David Suzuki

Although the conservation challenge is daunting, nurturing functioning ecosystems offers hope. Healthy oceans ensure we can continue to enjoy seafood -- and they're more resilient to increasing human impacts. If the global fishing industry wants to ensure its survival, it should advocate for marine ecosystem conservation.

B.C. Shellfish Die-Off Illustrates A Future We Must Avoid

DeSmog Canada | Posted 05.25.2014 | Canada British Columbia
DeSmog Canada

By continuing to promote the extraction and export of coal, tar sands, and fracked gas instead of sustainable sectors in B.C., our government is making a political choice to prioritize short-term profits over renewable industries. Let's work together to develop a smart and creative strategy to transition away from fossil fuels and toward a low carbon economy

What Killed 10 MILLION B.C. Scallops?

The Huffington Post B.C. | Posted 02.27.2014 | Canada British Columbia

A Vancouver Island aquatic farming operation has been forced to scale back its operations significantly following a mass wipeout of its shellfish. ...

North Van Mayor Proposes Way Out Of Transit Rreferendum Quagmire

Eric Doherty | Posted 04.26.2014 | Canada British Columbia
Eric Doherty

One innovative plan that has been considered for about a decade, but has never been funded, is a system commonly used in Europe called "headway operations." This means buses depart at regular intervals keeping the headway (time between buses) even and avoiding bunching, instead of trying vainly to stay on a fixed schedule in widely varying conditions. This is how most rapid transit systems including SkyTrain operate.

Do Fish Fret? Apparently They Do Now..

CP | Bob Weber, The Canadian Press | Posted 02.10.2014 | Canada Alberta

EDMONTON - At least one aspect of climate change makes even fish fretful.Ocean acidification — one of the consequences of an increasing level of car...

Rocking for Climate Change and Ocean Sustainability

Mindil Beach Markets | Posted 01.23.2014 | Canada Impact
Mindil Beach Markets

Our days on tour are long and can be gruelling, but we are fuelled by the mutual satisfaction that we are engaged in extremely important work and that our message is being heard. Personally, I feel excited and energized and have just come off of what I would describe as one of the best summers of my life.


The Huffington Post Canada | Christian Cotroneo | Posted 10.04.2013 | Canada

The sea is singing a sad song these days. Last month, a UN-sponsored panel expressed "extreme confidence" that the world is in the throes of climat...

Geoengineering: Silver Bullet or Cover Up for Climate Change?

David Suzuki | Posted 10.21.2013 | Canada
David Suzuki

Geoengineering to combat climate change is largely untested. Because we've stalled so long on reducing carbon emissions and still aren't doing enough, we may have to consider it. What will that mean?

The Journey Of The Jellyfish Project

Mindil Beach Markets | Posted 10.07.2013 | Canada Impact
Mindil Beach Markets

It's a beautiful day in Saskatoon. After an appearance on Global TV this morning, I'm spending the afternoon on a sunny patio reflecting on what has b...

An Economic Case To Protect Our Natural Treasures

Sangita Iyer | Posted 09.27.2013 | Canada
Sangita Iyer

In a world dominated by the almighty dollar, it's becoming more important now than ever before to put a price tag to our natural treasures, as human i...

The Ocean: A Barometer for Mass Extinction

Ron Dembo | Posted 03.01.2012 | Canada
Ron Dembo

It is a scientific fact that the oceans are acidifying at an alarming rate and the impact of this will be profound. By looking at ocean vents and seeing what happens to the coral around them, we have a crystal ball for the future. The ocean is the canary in the coalmine for mass extinctions.