Office Etiquette

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Sticky Situation: Are You The Perfect Colleague?

You are good in your job, maybe the best on your team. You are a natural leader, perhaps the best in your industry. You're smart, maybe the most educated of the company. But, are you the best colleague? What do your teammates say about you? Do they like you? One colleague, an uncongenial colleague can contaminate the entire team. You know "It only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole bunch". Are you, maybe, perhaps, that apple? Let's find out.

How to Make Your Workplace a Better Place

If you log a typical eight or nine hour workday, you likely spend more time with colleagues than friends -- all the more reason to inject some kindness into these business relationships. Regardless of whether it it is your first week or fifth year, inspire kindness among your colleagues with these tips.
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Sticky Situation: How to Behave at an Office Party

Fortunately, the days of holiday office party photocopying remorse are long gone. It is also safe to assume that you will nobody on your team will be wearing a lampshade for the group photo. But, are you all free from texting, tweeting or tagging remorse, during or after the party? Here are sticky situation solutions to maneuver this year's get together.

Five Big Don'ts for the Office Holiday Party

Temperatures have plummeted. Clocks are set back. Any day now, your inbox will be inundated with an influx of holiday invitations. One invite will likely be tied to celebrating the season with your colleagues. Here are five sure-fire ways to flop at the office holiday party -- so, don't.

Sticky Situation: Act Your Age at the Office

Do you ever feel like standing on top of your desk to belt out Aretha Franklin's anthem, R-E-S-P-E-C-T to "that guy" or "that girl"? Sadly, you are not alone. Office manners are declining while workplace woes are rising. When I conduct civility workshops, participants are always surprised to hear about the costs of the little niggles of the contemporary workplace.

How to Relieve the Agony of Waiting

Follow-up fatigue is a malady that strikes professionals in every level of business. It goes something like this: You thoroughly impressed a prospective client by acing your proposal and pitch. They said they loved it, promised to be in touch, and then ... nothing. Here are six steps to help you alleviate the agony.

It's Never Bring-Your-Dog-to-Work Day

Good old Alberta, the land of big trucks, big belt buckles and big deals. It's also the land of big dogs. But should they be welcome at work? Keep this in mind: you may get the short end of the stick if that doggy in the boardroom window piddles on your professionalism.