Office Of Religious Freedom


17% of World's Nations Hate Non-Believers

When 17 per cent of the world's sovereign nations commit grave violations against human beings of any philosophy and only 8 per cent treat people of any philosophy as free and equal, we must speak out. Much of our commentary must be directed to our own imperfect record on this universal human rights issue.

Canada's Hypocritical Blasphemy Law

Most Canadians probably do not know what blasphemy is, let alone that publishing blasphemous materials is still a criminal offence in this country. But there is some irony here, because the Canadian government publicly defends the freedom to publish cartoons that mock a religious figure and looks abroad to protect religious minorities from oppression while at the same time punishing that at home.

Harper and Baird Focus on Religious Rights Only

Secular Connexion Séculaire (SCS) and Centre for Inquiry Canada (CFI) have been tracking with dismay the Harper government's abandoning the defence of most human rights in order to focus exclusively on its concerns for the rights of religious minorities. Four of the six consultants to whom the government spoke were Christian and none were Muslim, Humanist.

Harper's Smoke and Mirror Government

The Harper government is a smoke and mirror government that confuses transparency with murkiness and should realize that such an approach usually results in the smoke smudging the mirror. To begin wit...

Media Bites: the Office of Religious Controversy

On Tuesday, the Harper government announced the creation of the Canadian Office of Religious Freedom, tasked with the humble goal of "promoting freedom of religion or belief around the world." It says something about the obsessively, nervously secular character of Canadian politics that it's possible to stir up religious controversy merely by acknowledging religion exists. Regardless of how often we good, secular Canadians do it, exercising freedom of religion is also the world's ultimate calibration test of all other freedoms.

Where Do Atheists Belong in the Office of Religious Freedom?

Many comments regarding the appropriateness and potential effectiveness of the Canadian Office of Religious Freedom have been made; however, with the exception of a few reporters, no one has noted the exclusion of Secular Humanist or atheist organizations from whatever consultation that occurred. The frosting on that cake was the failure to invite representatives from any Secular Humanist organizations to the press conference formally announcing the creation of the office and the appointment of Dr. Andrew Bennett as its ambassador.

Baird Defends Support For Israel

WASHINGTON - Canada's foreign affairs minister was the keynote speaker Thursday at an event in the U.S. capital honouring religious freedom, forcefully defending his government's strong support of Isr...

Baird Defends Religious Freedom Office

OTTAWA - Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird says his department's new Office of Religious Freedom won't become a vehicle for playing domestic politics in Canada's immigrant communities.Baird dismisse...

Baird Told To Tread Carefully At Vatican

OTTAWA - Federal bureaucrats told Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird to tread carefully in a meeting last month at the Vatican about his plan to set up an office of religious freedom within his depar...