Oil By Rail


Governments Should Stop Playing Railway Russian Roulette

Already there have been three near misses. Four months after Quebec's deaths, another derailment and explosion occurred outside an Alabama town without deaths. This was followed by a collision of two trains that resulted in an evacuation of more than 2,000 persons and a 400,000-gallon oil spill. A third derailment and explosion happened in Virginia forcing another evacuation. Safety is bad enough, but rail is also terrible for the environment.

Oil Producers vs. Rail Operators

CALGARY - Railway operators and the petroleum industry have weighed in on how they think the risks of shipping dangerous goods by rail ought to be divvied up — and it's clear the two aren't on the sam...

Rail Oil Shipments Are Going Nuts

VANCOUVER - There has been a nine-fold increase in Canada's oil-by-rail exports over the past two years.Data released by the National Energy Board says 15,980 barrels a day of crude were exported by r...

'No One Believes The Risk Is Zero'

VANCOUVER - U.S. scientists are warning that there are environmental risks, regulatory holes and serious unknowns regarding the shipment of Alberta oilsands products by pipeline, rail and tanker.The f...

What Oil-By-Rail Could Do to the Keystone XL Decision

Could rail realistically provide an alternative to the Keystone XL, aiding in the expansion of Canada's highly-polluting tar sands? The Keystone XL will undoubtedly support tar sands production, promote continued tar sands investment, and contribute to Canada's already-significant greenhouse gas output.

Oil-By-Rail Rules Change

In the wake of reports that oil involved in the Lac-Mégantic explosion was extremely volatile and unstable, Transport Canada has introduced new labelling requirements for shipping oil by rail. Transp...

The Costs of Canada's Inability to Ship Oil to Market

As almost everyone knows by now, Canada has some interesting challenges looming when it comes to transporting increasing oil production to markets both inside and outside of Canada. What many Canadians might not realize is how important oil exports are to Canada's economy, and how these exports may have become a crutch.

An Oil Railway In B.C.?

OTTAWA - CN Rail, at the urging of Chinese-owned Nexen Inc., is considering shipping Alberta bitumen to Prince Rupert, B.C., by rail in quantities matching the controversial Northern Gateway pipeline,...

Is B.C. Safe?

A rail disaster in Lac Megantic, Que. that caused deadly explosions have people questioning the safety of oil transport on Canada's west coast. Five people are dead and about 40 remain missing after a...

CN Under Fire Over Oil Shipments

VANCOUVER - Opponents of the Northern Gateway pipeline are threatening to turn their sights on CN Rail, as at least one Alberta oil company explores the possibility of transporting oil sands crude to...