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Why Not Everyone's Happy to See the Bitumen Bubble Burst

Jeffrey Rubin | Posted 09.24.2013 | Canada Business
Jeffrey Rubin

The grim news is that we've gone from bad to worse when it comes to how we move oil around North America. With oil prices now back in triple-digit territory, there is, at least, a glimmer of hope. The same high prices that are spurring producers to load crude on to train cars are about to, once again, curb our appetite for the fuel.

Oil Price Gap Draining Billions Out Of Economy: Study

CBC | Posted 02.12.2013 | Canada Business

The wide gap between oil’s global benchmark price and what Canadian producers can get for their oil is costing Canada $2.5 billion a month, accordin...

Rising Oil Prices A Double Loss For Canadians: Carney

CP | Posted 04.05.2012 | Canada Business

OTTAWA -- The recent run-up of oil prices is not bringing the usual benefits for the economy and an enduring or pronounced spike will hurt consumers, ...

LIVE UPDATES: Markets' Wild Monday

CP | Christian Cotroneo | Posted 10.08.2011 | Canada Business

OTTAWA - Fear gripped financial markets Monday as the fallout of a downgrade of America's credit worthiness crushed stocks and investors seeking safet...