Oil Production

I Don't Care About Oil

My MEI colleagues and I have signed, in recent years, a number of texts explaining among other things the merits of oil and gas development in Canada, and of transporting oil by pipeline. This is enou...

NEB Predicts Rosy Future for Canadian Energy

The National Energy Board (NEB), Canada's chief energy regulator, has come out with a new report projecting energy development in Canada out to 2035. The potential for growth (and economic benefits to Canadians) is massive, but the NEB shares our concerns that the potential for bottlenecks and infrastructure short-falls imperil this projected growth.

Grab Your Goggles, We're Swimming in Oil

Surprise of the year: World oil production is rising more than was forecast. A shock? No, that's what happens when prices spike. What is surprising is that it's occurring right in our backyard -- in the good ol' USA. The bottom line? How quickly we have gone from running out of oil to being awash in the stuff. Maybe the surprise is that we are surprised that history is merely repeating itself!

Canada Ramping Up Oil Production

THE CANADIAN PRESS -- CALGARY - Canadian crude production is set to rise by nearly two-thirds by 2025, an energy industry group said Thursday as it stressed the need to tap into new markets. The Canad...