Oil Sands Protest


Oka Joins Oil Sands Protests

About 300 demonstrators gathered at Oka National Park on Saturday to protest against the expansion of oil sands production, and pipelines bringing the oil east from Alberta. Rallies were held in more...

Oil Orgy and Canada's New Man in London

Two oil sands protesters -- a man and a woman -- stripped down to their delicate under things and climbed atop a table at Lancaster House. The woman with underwear emblazoned with the maple leaf represented Canada. The man in Union Jack boxer shorts was Britain.

Oil Sands Protest: A War of Words, Not Violence

Non-violent resistance, or civil disobedience, has been with us for centuries and has shaped the world in which we live today. Those who chose to risk arrest on Parliament Hill are not the extremists. They are the front line of a growing group of people prepared to engage in "the politics of ordinary people."

A Line in the Oil Sands

If you stroll by Parliament Hill today, or turn on the news, you're likely to see a large group of people protesting the tar sands. Some of these people are also likely to get arrested in an act of no...