Old Age

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Claude Monet And The 'Old Age Style'

The story of Monet's last dozen years makes a great epilogue to a life of triumphant struggle. After temporarily retiring at the age of 73, following the death of his wife and a diagnosis of cataracts, the painter reemerged on the eve of WWI to begin the largest and most ambitious canvases of his entire career.
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Living Long Shouldn't Mean Living Lonely

There is a kind of loneliness that cuts even deeper than feeling alone. Social isolation -- the lack of meaningful relationships and human contact and connections -- is a devastating affliction, with impacts ranging from depression to accelerated aging and the risk of early death. Older persons are especially vulnerable.Older people face multiple risk factors: a partner's death, disability, chronic illness, reduced or unstable income, loss of vision or hearing, frailty, fear of falling and fear of forgetting.
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Get Your Finances In Order Before You Retire

If you are planning to move after you retire, put some careful consideration into the cost of living for that area. Look into the cost of real estate and see how far your money will stretch if you downsize from your current home. If you're moving to a different town or province, it's also worth looking into potential tax advantages for senior citizens in that area.

What Sandy Was Like for the Elderly

Then Hurricane Sandy came, extinguishing all those lights as well as our own. For 48 hours we had no power, no phone, no water, and for 24 of those, I was marooned in an island of silence, alone with an elderly husband with Alzheimer's, and no elevator.

Can the WHO Make Chronic Diseases Less Chronic

Chronic diseases account for 36 million deaths annually, over 60 per cent of the human mortality rate. They continue to accelerate globally and are advancing across all regions, affecting all socioeconomic classes. It is expected that almost three-quarters of all deaths will be caused by chronic diseases by 2020.

The Dubious Science Behind Brain Fitness

It was only a matter of time, of course, before the health and fitness industry discovered its next big thing. "Brain fitness" is the new fad -- and not only among the aging baby boomers. So far, the diagnosis relies solely on the observation of its symptoms, as opposed to a genuine understanding of the actual causes.