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Chow Lands Illustrious New Job

TORONTO - Former MP and Toronto mayoral candidate Olivia Chow has taken a teaching job at Ryerson University.The university says it appointed Chow as a distinguished visiting professor in the Faculty...
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Why Olivia Chow Will Lose in October

Chow has dangerously slipped too fast and too far in polling for a miraculous rebound in such a scant time frame. Voters are gridlocked, stranded and unapologetic in demanding expedited change from Day 1. Chow's ideas are too late, too small and too old school for this electorate. She may very well be a good-hearted, industrious politician but her efforts as a pioneer and consensus builder leave little to be lauded.

She Smoked Pot 'A Little Bit'

Olivia Chow says she smoked pot "a little bit" when she was younger, including in her early days as a Toronto school-board trustee in the mid to late 1980s. The Toronto mayoral candidate an...
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Move Over Rob Ford: How I'd Restore Civility in City Hall

As mayor, I will move to adopt ranked ballots, a model that would help to unite our divided city by rewarding candidates with a broad appeal within the electorate. Too much of our current political discourse is spent on negativity, or pitting councillors against one another. Ranked ballots would help eliminate this rancor, fostering a more positive political environment. Ever wonder why political parties choose leaders this way? It's because ranked ballots help maintain a certain level of civility that has been AWOL from Toronto politics for quite some time.

Chow 'Seriously Considering' Mayoral Run

OTTAWA - New Democrat MPs from Toronto urged the Conservative government Thursday to work with Ontario to provide relief funding that would help Canada's largest city recover from a recent ice storm.O...

'Because It Saves Lives'

TORONTO - New Democrat MP Olivia Chow says Canada is a step closer to safer roads after an Ontario truck manufacturer agreed to put side guards on all its new vehicles.But Chow says it's still not eno...

Here We Go

Olivia Chow said she is "considering" a run for mayor of Toronto on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight on Wednesday night. The NDP MP referenced her late husband Jack Layton's unsuccessful run for the c...

Rob Ford's Worst Nightmare?

NDP MP Olivia Chow says she hasn't "shut the door completely" on challenging Toronto Mayor Rob Ford for the city's top job in the next municipal election in 2014. "A lot of people have been asking ab...