Omid Safi


Homophobia Is Not a Muslim Teaching

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms grants conservative Muslims the freedom to abide by their personal moral laws, but it does not grant them the right to expose another minority group to contempt. By inviting speakers like Dr. Bilal Philips and Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick, the Muslim Council of Calgary seems content to draw lines against the LGBTIQ community including its own Muslim LGBTIQ brothers and sisters.
Don Laird

One Imam Teaching Homophobia Does Not Speak for All Muslims

In April, the Edmonton Islamic Academy distanced itself from a visiting Imam's homophobic comments given to a group of junior high students. Not satisfied with the school measures, and concerned about the impact of the lecture on both straight and gay Muslim youth, human rights activist Rob Wells took his placards to protest alone outside the Academy. He got assaulted on two different occasions.

Can We Use Religion for Justice -- Not Evil?

Would it have been possible to prevent human tragedies in the Middle East attacks this November if relations between Israel, its Arab neighbours and the larger Muslim world were driven by human dignity and justice rather than business and political interests?
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Human Lives Are More Important Than Holy Books

The UN's Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs indicated that of the 158 Palestinians killed in the November Israeli assault on Gaza, 103 were civilians. Israel's deputy defence minister indicated that Palestinians would bring upon themselves a bigger "shoah" -- holocaust. Unitarian Chaplain Reverend Audrey Brooks questioned how Israel could inflict the horror of the Holocaust on the Palestinians. Time and again, Jews and Muslims, notwithstanding the narrative of bigots in their respective faiths, have reached out to each other.