Omnibus Crime Bill


Senate Committee Amends Crime Bill

The Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs committee passed Conservative amendments to the government's controversial omnibus crime legislation Monday morning, signalling the government's admission t...

Harper Shuts Out Committees on Crime

The Tories are invoking closure on the omnibus Crime Bill. Canadians may be sleepwalking while the seat of their country's democracy is being slowly choked. We barely have a properly functioning Parliament due to the anti-democratic instincts of the Harper Conservatives.

Tories' Deaf Ears Delay Justice for Terror Victims

With Parliament's resumption this week, the Senate will consider the Conservative omnibus crime bill, C-10. In particular, amendments by the Government are expected as early as today to correct a mistake the Conservatives made in the House, a mistake which could have been avoided had the Government paid attention.

Sober Second Thoughts On Crime Bill

OTTAWA - The Conservative government's massive new crime bill is getting a sober second look from the Senate, and the controversial legislation is expected to see government-sponsored changes.Justice...

Justice Ministers Meet On Crime Bill

The federal government's new crime bill was on everyone's mind for the second day of the justice ministers' meeting Wednesday in Charlottetown. Federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson and RCMP Commiss...

Crime Bill May Pack Ontario's Prisons

TORONTO - The omnibus federal crime bill will cost Ontario more than $1 billion in increased police and court costs, the province's Liberal government said Monday as it demanded Ottawa pick up the tab...

2011: The Year Of The Tory Juggernaut

OTTAWA - No simpler summary of Stephen Harper's style as majority prime minister was offered in 2011."It's time for the wheat board and others who have been standing in the way to realize that this tr...
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Hope Still for Grassroots Democracy

Last week we saw a glimmer of hope for our democratic future with the mobilization of tens of thousands of Canadians who came together in a dramatic display of engagement and concern for their country in response to the Conservatives passing bill C-10, the omnibus crime bill now before the Senate.

Senate In No Hurry To Pass Crime Bill

When it comes to the Harper government's omnibus crime legislation, the Senate's sober second thought will carry over into the new year, calling into question the government's previous claim that the...

A Sad Day for Criminal Justice

It is clear that as a result of the omnibus crime bill we will have more crime, less justice, skyrocketing costs, fewer rehabilitation opportunities for offenders, less protection and voice for the victims, and less protection for society. This is a sad day for Canadian criminal justice.

Remembering École Polytechnique

For 21 years, we've been commemorating Dec. 6 as a day of mourning and remembrance for the 14 young women at École Polytechnique brutally slain by an angry male who hated feminists. Yet this morning felt profoundly different. Today, in spite of real progress, we feel we all must begin the fight again.

Debating the Crime Bill? Fix the Prisons First

The Conservative government is intent upon increasing inmate populations in both federal and provincial correctional centres. It is particularly tragic that, if only by neglect, they are willing to risk the health and safety of both correctional officers and inmates in order to accomplish their goals.

Omnibus Crime Bill Passes Final Vote

The federal government's omnibus crime bill passed the final vote 157-127 in the House of Commons on Monday night. Earlier Monday, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson held a news conference in Ottawa to ex...