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Why Losing Weight Is a Mental Game

I'm not a health nut, but I take care of myself. Not to brag and not to be vain, but my decisions are purely to avoid going to the hospital with something that could have been avoided. I exercise and eat right to be healthy. I don't spend the day thinking about what I shouldn't eat, I spend it thinking about living a long life and travelling with the girl of my dreams.

My Dream? A Healthy Nation

My secret: I have a fear of failure, and of time running out on my dream. It started when I was young, and a doctor told my family I had leukemia. I knew what it meant, so I made a promise to be a good kid if I could live. I still wanted to fall in love, travel, see the world, and simply be alive.

Get Fit Without Going to the Gym

If you don't ever want to go into a gym, you can still get in fantastic shape. You can set aside time to go walking, play interactive games with your kids, go to the park and have a workout on the play structures and benches. That will get you healthy. Also consider trying yoga, pilates, or a sport with friends at your fitness level.

How Living Life to the Fullest Can Make You Fit

Our youth population is inactive, and it's continuing into adulthood. Our food choices at the store are becoming more and more processed. This is a nation that has forgotten what it means to get out and see the world. All of it can change by finding your motivation to live life to it's fullest.