Ontario Election Debate


'None Of Them Are Great Debaters'

TORONTO - The lukewarm sparring between Ontario's major political leaders in the election debate Tuesday night failed to impress observers, who said all three leaders missed an opportunity to sway und...

Wynne Grilled Over Gas Plants Scandal

TORONTO - Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak upped the ante Tuesday in defending his widely questioned plan to create a million jobs over eight years, saying he would quit as premier if he fail...

A LOT Is Riding On The Debate: Experts

TORONTO - Ontario's three major political leaders are set to debate Tuesday against a backdrop of polls suggesting the election is a two-way fight between the Liberals and the Progressive Conservative...

Horwath Comes Out Swinging

THUNDER BAY, Ont. - Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne got her first taste Monday of what she'll be facing in the all-important June 3 leaders' debate — and next time, it'll be double trouble for the Libe...
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Everyone's Running a Campaign of "Change"

John Duffy (L): For the PCs, the core proposition is the idea that Premier McGuinty's Liberals manipulate the public policy of the province to their own purposes and those of their favoured constituencies, leaving the "rest of us" to pick up the tab. Call this concept "restitution." The Liberals have a different construction of "change." Call their concept "uniting."

'Foreign Workers' Tax Credit: A New Job Strategy Must Serve <i>All</i> Ontarians

Heather Fraser (NDP): The Progressive Conservatives and the Liberals have been engaged in a war of words over the flawed Liberal proposal for a new Ontarian tax credit. The Liberals clearly launched a platform plank they knew would goad the Tories into a reaction. And the Tories' predictable reaction serves only to divide people and communities by setting Ontarians against their neighbours.

Jobs Anyone?

McGuinty's announcement today hits that rising concern right on the mark. Andrea Horwath is in Sudbury promising to try to create jobs in Northern Ontario. Tim Hudak feels out of the swim. Am I missing something? Or is the PC campaign missing the moment?