Ontario Election Results


Hudak Flop A Lesson For Harper

Tim Hudak's staunch hard-right austerity message failed last night to vault his Progressive Conservatives over the incumbent Liberals, but pundits say the loss will also be a sobering lesson for...

Liberals Win Ontario Election

TORONTO - Kathleen Wynne powered Ontario's minority Liberals past a legacy of scandal Thursday, staving off aggressive assaults from the Progressive Conservatives and New Democrats for an unexpected m...

No Majority For You: Voters

TORONTO - Ontario's New Democrats were the big winners Thursday, capturing one of two provincial byelections, denying the Liberals a majority in the process while taking a riding from the Progressive...

Hudak Needed a Campaign of Silence

When Dalton McGuinty was down in the polls, Hudak seemed prepared to let the Liberals self-destruct without comment from him. Maybe if Hudak had run a campaign on silence, instead of uttering banalities and refusing to answer certain pointed questions, he'd have done better in Toronto and urban centres.

Ontario Elects More Women

TORONTO - A suspenseful election that brought more Tories and New Democrats to Ontario's legislature also bolstered another group: women.Thursday's vote saw women score 30 out of the province's 107 se...

Ontario Analysts: 'Tim Hudak Blew It'

TORONTO - Millions of people head to polling booths today as Ontario voters pass judgment on eight years of Liberal rule after a month-long campaign marked by seismic shifts in public opinion.Many ana...

McGuinty Heading For A Three-Peat?

TORONTO - Ontario's opposition leaders spent their last day stumping frantically for last-minute votes but all signs indicate Thursday's election will result in a historic status quo for the governing...