Ontario Minimum Wage


$12-An-Hour Minimum Wage!

TORONTO - NDP Leader Andrea Horwath tried to reach out to both workers and employers on Tuesday, saying her party is committed to raising the minimum wage in Ontario to $12 an hour over two years whil...

Ontario's Minimum Wage To Rise.. A Bit

TORONTO - Ontario's Liberal government will raise the minimum wage to $11 an hour starting June 1, and will tie future increases to the rate of inflation, but critics say it's not enough to lift worke...

Minimum Wage, Maximum Rage

Since moving to Canada from Bangladesh as a refugee in 2002, 33-year-old Acsana Fernando has not been able to earn much more than the minimum wage.  She has worked in restaurants, security and factor...

Why Raising the Minimum Wage Won't Help Anyone

If the government is serious about tackling Ontario's youth unemployment and fostering job creation, then it should steer clear of future minimum wage increases regardless of what formula the advisory panel recommends. The reality is that increasing the minimum wage will actually reduce job opportunities and not alleviate poverty.