Ontario Minority

While the House is Away, Liberals Play (Dirty)

This week at the Ontario Legislature is constituency week, meaning MPPs from all parties are on break. Monday morning the Liberals made a major announcement about the OLG, and the next day about licensing fees. They are dropping bombs while the opposition is away, and pulling a fast one on the public.

Drummond, Shrummond: Just Get to Work, Premier McGuinty

Today we'll get to see the full Drummond report, but don't worry -- if the past is any example, the Ontario government will take its sweet time deciding what to take, leaving working people, small business owners, families, and people across the province wondering what services that they rely on and pay for are about to get axed.

Dalton McGuinty's Duck and Cover on the Budget

Don Drummond should be insulted that his report is going to be little more than political cover for the Liberals. It's going to be a convenient straw man for the party, giving them the option to lay any unpleasantness at the feet of an unaccountable third party.