Ontario Provincial Election

Kathleen Wynne's Diversity Problem

Rachel Décoste | Posted 03.30.2013 | Canada Politics
Rachel Décoste

It was revealed by confused Liberal party members that Ontario's premier-designate Kathleen Wynne's campaign sent letters in foreign languages to would-be supporters. In a gauche effort to connect with the ethnic vote, the Wynne campaign combed through membership lists and divvied them up based on perceived cultural origin. The Ontario Liberal Party's federal cousins have progressively lost their grip on traditional liberal-leaning communities by ignoring them or taking them for granted. History could repeat itself if the Wynne team fails to take corrective measures.

How Kathleen Wynne Will Win

Jonathan Scott | Posted 03.18.2013 | Canada Politics
Jonathan Scott

Wynne, the Liberal lioness of caucus, got into politics to fight Mike Harris and protect schools. She's ready to beat this Conservative Leader of the Opposition too. But first, her priority is to do the peoples' business at Queen's Park without delay. She's ready to govern the province.

Why We Should Keep The Ryerson Principle For The Public School Curriculum

Bill Haines | Posted 03.12.2013 | Canada Alberta
Bill Haines

To paraphrase John Locke in his Essay on Human Understanding, we want to be lovers of the truth; we want rational knowledge, we want proofs. And we want probability to help us assent to matters, where we do not have sufficient knowledge and proofs to ground our reason. And we want our ethics, which is the seeking out those rules and measures of human actions, which lead to happiness, and the means to practice them.

Ontario Budget To Send Ripples Across Canada

CP | Keith Leslie, The Canadian Press | Posted 05.26.2012 | Canada Politics

TORONTO - Credit agencies and the wider business community will be watching closely as Ontario's minority Liberals table a budget Tuesday that will ha...

Tories Stepped Over The Line In Ontario?

CP | Maria Babbage, The Canadian Press | Posted 01.23.2014 | Canada Politics

TORONTO - The Toronto District School Board plans to step up its efforts to have the Progressive Conservatives apologize for a controversial election ...

McGuinty's NDP Snub A Sign Of Things To Come?

CBC | Posted 12.14.2011 | Canada Politics

During the just completed provincial election campaign, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty's slogan was "Forward. Together." Now...

No Aisle Crossing Coming, Says Ontario NDP

CP | Romina Maurino, The Canadian Press | Posted 12.13.2011 | Canada Politics

TORONTO - Ontario's New Democrats said Thursday they aren't eager to force an election but added the minority Liberals must swallow their pride and sh...

Post-Election Games Get Started In Ontario

CP | Romina Maurino, The Canadian Press | Posted 12.11.2011 | Canada Politics

TORONTO - The political machinations whirled furiously at the Ontario legislature Tuesday as the staffers and elected officials worked behind the scen...

Where The Ontario Election Was Won And Lost

The Huffington Post Canada | Eric Grenier | Posted 12.07.2011 | Canada Politics

Two things did not happen last night. Dalton McGuinty did not win a majority government and Tim Hudak did not defeat the Ontario Liberals. But b...

Did Toronto Mayor Cost Tories Ontario Election?

CBC | Posted 12.07.2011 | Canada Politics

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is brushing off suggestions his aggressive moves to slash spending may have cost the Ontario Progressive Conservat...

Althia Raj

No Tory Ontario 'Hat Trick' Could Mean Tough Talks With Ottawa Ahead

HuffingtonPost.com | Althia Raj | Posted 12.07.2011 | Canada Politics

In what is becoming a familiar story, Ontario voters chose Thursday to yet again elect a government of a different political stripe than its federal c...

Ontario Elects More Women

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 12.06.2011 | Canada Politics

TORONTO - A suspenseful election that brought more Tories and New Democrats to Ontario's legislature also bolstered another group: women.Thursday's vo...

Horwath's Son Wears T-Shirt For Misogynistic Song To Vote

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 12.06.2011 | Canada Politics

HAMILTON - The teenage son of Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is raising some eyebrows with his choice of election day fashion.Julian Leonetti, 18, ...

Minority Government In Ontario As McGuinty Ekes Out Historic Win

CP | Posted 12.06.2011 | Canada Politics

TORONTO - Ontario was plunged into uncertain political waters Thursday when Dalton McGuinty became the province's first three-term Liberal premier in ...

Ont. Poll Worker Removed After Allegedly Reading Ballot

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 12.06.2011 | Canada Politics

TORONTO - A woman says her ballot was opened before being put in the ballot box Thursday morning at a west Toronto polling station.Anne Adams says she...

Althia Raj

Change Please? Man Finds Ontario Political Slogans On Cash

HuffingtonPost.com | Althia Raj | Posted 12.06.2011 | Canada Politics

Here’s some change and a political message too. That’s what Ottawa resident Peter Hall encountered at a local Subway restaurant this week when ...

Althia Raj

Minorities, Majorities, Coalitions: All The Ontario Scenarios Explained

HuffingtonPost.com | Althia Raj | Posted 12.06.2011 | Canada Politics

UPDATE: Dalton McGuinty's Liberals have won their third consecutive election. Whether they will form a minority or majority government remains to be s...

Ontario Analysts: 'Tim Hudak Blew It'

CP | Colin Perkel, The Canadian Press | Posted 12.05.2011 | Canada Politics

TORONTO - Millions of people head to polling booths today as Ontario voters pass judgment on eight years of Liberal rule after a month-long campaign m...

Key Ontario Election Winners And Losers

The Huffington Post Canada | Posted 12.05.2011 | Canada Politics

UPDATE: We've entered the winners for each of the ridings and a complete list under the gallery. We've compiled some of the more interesting races...

Twitter Reacts To Ontario Election

The Huffington Post Canada | Posted 12.05.2011 | Canada Politics

A lacklustre Conservative campaign helped Dalton McGuinty become Ontario's first three-term Liberal premier in more than a century Thursday, but his r...

McGuinty Heading For A Three-Peat?

CP | Colin Perkel, The Canadian Press | Posted 12.05.2011 | Canada Politics

TORONTO - Ontario's opposition leaders spent their last day stumping frantically for last-minute votes but all signs indicate Thursday's election will...

NDP Still Likely Kingmaker In Ontario

CBC | Posted 12.05.2011 | Canada Politics

By sometime around 10 o'clock Thursday night, NDP leader Andrea Horwath likely won't be the queen of Queen's Park. But it’s a distinct ...

Hudak Attacked On Abortion Rights In Toronto

CP | Diana Mehta, The Canadian Press | Posted 12.04.2011 | Canada Politics

TORONTO - A number of pro-choice advocates spent the second-last day of Ontario's election campaign warning voters a Progressive Conservative governme...

#WhyIVote: Canadians Explain Why They Vote

The Huffington Post Canada | Posted 12.04.2011 | Canada Politics

During a month featuring elections in four provinces and one territory, The Huffington Post is asking Canadians why they vote. Some argue voting is...

PC Hopeful Ducks Reporters Questioning Controversial Flyer

CBC | Posted 12.04.2011 | Canada

Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader is standing by a campaign flyer labelled homophobic and misleading that was distributed in a key ...