Ontario Tourism

OMAR TORRES via Getty Images

Why the Pan-Am Games Won't Fix Canada's Tourism Woes

The hope for Toronto and other municipalities in 2015 to bring in mass amounts of visitors from America and beyond during the Pan-Am games may be falling short already with only a third of tickets sold and less than a month to go before opening. Undoubtedly, people will pick up more tickets closer to the date but aside from legacy infrastructure projects, the Pan-Am games are unlikely to perform as the beacon all three levels of government hoped to see and the scandals that have accompanied more than one top Pan-Am exec have already left a sour note in Canadians mouths.

From Fort Erie to Fort Dreary

The historic town of Fort Erie hopes that bicentennial celebrations this summer, honouring the soldiers of the War of 1812-14, will revitalize an area besieged in recent years by hospital, racetrack and business closures. Maybe its past will succeed where its present is flopping. If not, Bruce Springsteen might have to write its epitaph with a song.