Ontario Wines


Devastation In Ontario Vineyards

TORONTO - Vineyard owners in parts of southern Ontario are assessing the damage from a record-breaking plunge into cold weather that some growers say has devastated their grape crops.Both Prince Edwar...
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Raise A Glass To Fine Ontario Wines

Today, viticulture is thriving in Ontario, with more than 180 wineries responsible for just over 70 per cent of total Canadian wine production, contributing an estimated $3.3 billion to the province's economy in 2011, many thousands of direct and indirect jobs, as well as $644 million in tourism and tourism employment, according to the Ontario Winery and Grower Alliance of Ontario.

My City Includes Cottage Country: Inspirational Toronto

Head three hours in any direction from Toronto and you will be able to find lakes the size of small seas (perfect for sailing and even occasionally surfing) , hills the size of mountains (great for skiing, mountain biking etc.). However, a day is not enough to see why Toronto and its surrounding countryside is a source of inspiration. One long weekend will have to do.

Wines for Warmer Temperatures

The signs of spring include daffodils, migrating birds, soft rains and fresh wines in your glass. Some of the wines I've gathered together today are light and white, while others are more robust and red for the barbecue. As the temperature warms up and we start to cook outdoors more frequently, it's these lively reds and whites that do well when competing with the smoke of the grill and the smell of fresh cut grass.

Wines of the Week: Light Spring Wines

April showers bring lighter wines and eventually, May flowers. Here are a number of terrific wines with zesty bright flavours for spring fare. They'll pair with salads, seafood shellfish and a wide variety of lighter dishes we enjoy in the spring. Enjoy!

Why Are Ontario Wines So Expensive, Anyway?

If you've been reading us for a while, you know we are huge fans of Ontario wine, but inevitably we get asked, "Why is it so expensive to buy Ontario wines? Especially when I can buy something for $8 from Argentina?" So we decided to take it to the pros, and let them give you the straight goods on why Ontario wine costs what it does.