WATCH: Occupy Protesters March On Parliament

Events marking the first anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement include a rally this afternoon in Ottawa where protesters are taking to Confederation Park, as MPs return to the House of Common...

Here's What The Rich Don't Seem to Get

Have you procured your first pay stub for 2012? You probably should be used to the chill by now because it's been nearly frozen for years. That is, according to a study that says the average Canadian hasn't seen a meaningful pay increase in 30 years. The top 100 CEOs, however, saw a 27 per cent pay increase.

The Last Shivering Bastion Of Occupy Canada

The final known Occupy camp in Canada remains open for business, as it were, in downtown St. John's, and the city has no plans to evict Occupy Newfoundland from its seaside perch. "They're not bother...

Calgary Protesters Ordered To Take De-Occupy

A Calgary judge has ordered an end to the Occupy Calgary protest. According to the City of Calgary, Chief Justice Neil Wittmann approved the city's request Tuesday to order the protesters to tear dow...

What's Next for Occupy?

After its initial success, it's time for Occupy to think big. It won't be easy. Everyone thinks their cause is the most important. But the attempt to build this unity would have to be couched in language that encourages open dialogue and willingness to focus on root causes and not just symptoms.

Occupy Montreal Officially On Notice

Montreal police distributed written notices to protesters at the city's Occupy camp Wednesday night, asking them to tear down their tents. The notice orders Occupy Montreal's indignés to take down in...

Protesting the Unnatural Aspects of Our Economy

We are sacrificing too much to a system driven by three fallacies: that well-being can only be measured in money, that distribution does not matter, and that the economy can grow forever. And like so many people today, I question whether our economic system is serving the goals that are important to society.

Evictions Spark Human Rights Complaint To UN

A group of Ontario lawyers has filed a complaint at the United Nations over the move by various Canadian cities to evict Occupy protesters. In its submission to the UN's High Commissioner for Human R...
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Can Mayor Ford Legally Evict Occupy Toronto?

The first day they set up shop, the protesters' rights were the strongest they could be. But with each passing day, the case for Mayor Ford stepping in and "reasonably limiting" those rights has grown stronger. The question for the court to answer is whether the protests have already crossed the line, or whether the line still lies far off in the distance.

Tent Fire At Occupy Calgary

CALGARY - Occupy Calgary protesters were waiting for the other shoe to drop Wednesday after a city-imposed deadline for them to leave their downtown site came and went.Bylaw officers handed out 24-hou...

Occupy Victoria, Vancouver Hold Their Ground

Police, firefighters and city workers moved in on the Occupy Vancouver camp site on Tuesday morning, removingseveral tents and tarps and repositioning several others. The city workers were at the cam...