Toronto Has An Affordable Housing Crisis. Parkdale Has An Emergency

Thom Vernon | Posted 05.18.2017 | Canada Living
Thom Vernon

Parkdale has an authenticity that most of its residents wish to protect. This authenticity reflects who the community is and its residents as they are, not the aspirational façade of corporate and brand-dictated homogeneity. What may be missing from the urban development models are fresh approaches.

Toronto Neighbourhood Revolts Against Rent Hikes

HuffPost Canada | Jessica Chin | Posted 05.01.2017 | Canada Business

Tenants in the city's Parkdale are are protesting "above-board" rent increases combined with poor living conditions.

Toronto Air Show Triggers The Trauma Of War

Craig Damian Smith | Posted 08.29.2016 | Canada Politics
Craig Damian Smith

Welcoming refugees into our communities implies a responsibility to provide a safe environment for rehabilitation and integration. Yet this weekend thousands of our neighbours will be exposed to trauma in a spectacle many of us would do away with in the first place. The air show is nothing like a charity bike ride. In a city with a large population of refugee newcomers and people who have experienced the trauma of war it is insulting, invasive, and violent.

Burger Battle Cries: Flat top vs. Grill

Tiffany Leigh | Posted 07.03.2016 | Canada Living
Tiffany Leigh

There's nary a person who can deny the seductive charms of a burger. Once you've found "the one," you'll fiercely defend it as your favourite -- to h...

Toronto Councillor Claims Parents 'Sending 9-Year-Olds' To Raves

The Huffington Post Canada | Jason MacNeil | Posted 06.17.2014 | Canada Music

Toronto city councillor Giorgio Mammoliti caused a stir Monday by issuing a press release about the ongoing debate over allowing electronic dance musi...

Toronto City Councillor Calls Parkdale 'Pedophile District'

The Huffington Post Canada | Jason MacNeil | Posted 06.16.2014 | Canada Music

A Toronto city Councillor has many people shaking their heads and even Doug Ford claiming he has "lost his mind" following statements today regarding ...

Gord Perks And Toronto's War On Hipsters

Joshua Ostroff | Posted 09.15.2013 | Canada Politics
Joshua Ostroff

Toronto City councillor Gord Perks, who represents the long hardscrabble, newly hip neighbourhood of Parkdale, is working to turn last fall's moratorium on new restaurants and bars into a permanent limit restricting such establishments to 25 per cent of Parkdale's stretch of Queen St. West, one of the country's most famous commercial streets.

Its A Rap! Reflections on SXSW

Alixander III | Posted 05.28.2013 | Canada Music
Alixander III

SX has been a duality of easy-breezy meditative chillness and rush-rush tuk-tuk chaos. Amidst the line-ups and miss-outs I squeeze in some surprise experiences. Just last night at the Hype Machine Hotel party we Djed, I caught The Specials perform to a jammed-in crowd of anticipants, and they killed it.

Angelina Chapin

How Your Social Status Changes You At The Genetic Level | Angelina Chapin | Posted 05.14.2012 | Canada Business

George looks across the street at the cafe where a cup of java costs $2.75. For that price, he could buy three days’ worth of coffee from the conven...