Tories Are 'Dirty, Rotten Bastards'

Pat Martin is at it again. The outspoken NDP MP says Conservatives are playing dirty tricks by using free mailing privileges to flood his Winnipeg Centre riding with partisan letters. And, to nobody’s...

Sunday Roundup: #Oops!

Politicians: They're just like us! They eat breakfast. They go to the supermarket. And they do really stupid things on social media. NDP MP Pat Martin learned the lesson of 14-year-olds everywhere about what they shouldn't post on Twitter. The member for Winnipeg Centre lost it -- possibly after a couple of drinks there Pat? -- and dropped the F-bomb in describing his reaction to a Tory decision to end a debate on a budget bill. Yes, Virginia, this is what grown-ups swear about. (And yes, we DO get excited about receiving major appliances at Christmas. You have so much to look forward to in adulthood!)

LOOK: NDP MP Tweets 'F---* You'

Outspoken NDP MP Pat Martin dropped a thunderous F-bomb on his 1,400-strong Twitter following Wednesday night in a moment of outrage after the Tories voted to end debate on a budget-related bill. And...