Pat Martin


NDP Candidate Sorry For Foul Language

Longtime MP for Winnipeg Centre Pat Martin apologized Sunday night for language he's used in the past week on the campaign trail. "Over the last few days I have used some intemperate language that I...

Sunday Roundup: In Your FACE 2012!

As you boot up your computer bleary-eyed this morning, groping about for your cup of coffee, I'm going to be that peppy friend across the table who is just so GOSH DARN EXCITED it's the new year! And do you know WHY I'm so excited?! (C'mon ask me, ask me!!)Because it's the first new year you can start your day with The Huffington Post CANADA. YES! How sweet is that, eh? Canada news, Canada blogs, Canada celebs, Canada style, cute Canadian kitties on YouTube...

Tories Profit From Banning Loans

The Conservatives’ plan to limit and cap political loans received praise from the NDP Wednesday. Although the bill benefits the Tories for now, it spares New Democrat leadership candidates from stiffe...

Now Is Not the Time for a NDP-Liberal Merger

A merger would reduce our political choices, taking Canada from a multi-party system to a U.S.-style system of two monolithic parties -- something even more limiting in the Canadian context given the tradition of tight party discipline.

No Chance Of An NDP-Liberal Merger: Topp

The NDP is not interested in merging with the Liberals, the party's president and a potential leadership candidate said Wednesday. "Our willingness to work with others to get things done in Parliamen...