@TheBrazman's Incredible Disappearing Act

Patrick Brazeau, the suspended independent senator at the centre of a fraud case over expense claims, seems to have disappeared from Twitter again. Radio-Canada reporter Marie-Lou St.-Onge first notic...

Brazeau Pleads Not Guilty

GATINEAU, Que. - A search warrant filed in court says an ongoing argument over aboriginal issues at the home of Sen. Patrick Brazeau escalated into a physical and sexual confrontation and back-to-back...

Graphic Details In Senator's Alleged Assault

Documents filed by Gatineau police to obtain the Feb.7 search warrant used to gather evidence to support assault and sexual assault charges against Senator Patrick Brazeau provide new details on the a...

The Brazman's Back

After going offline for 11 days, Senator Patrick Brazeau's Twitter account, @TheBrazman, appears to be active again. The account was revived Thursday evening with this: It's the first stanza of the p...

The Week in Review: Let's Leave Brazeau and Pistorius Cases to the Courts

This week saw an odd juxtaposition: The too-cute images of idealized love and prezzies for your sweet (brought to you care of Valentine's Day) sat side by side with grim speculation about violence visited upon one intimate by another in the Patrick Brazeau and Oscar Pistorius cases. With any allegation of a despicable act, public reproach follows -- but the judgment seems particularly swift when the incident involves suspected domestic abuse. Let's hope our well-founded indignation at violence against women doesn't supersede our equally laudable tradition of considering an individual innocent until proven guilty.