Ford Wins Again

OTTAWA - The Supreme Court of Canada decided Thursday it will not hear an appeal in a conflict of interest case involving troubled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.The appeal sought to restore a lower court rul...

Supreme Court Next?!

TORONTO - The man who almost managed to have Toronto Mayor Rob Ford turfed from office is hoping the country's top court will hear the case.Paul Magder is asking the Supreme Court of Canada to overtur...

What Went Wrong for Rob Ford?

The outcome was inevitable and predictable. Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was found in contravention of the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act. Whether one is a supporter of Ford or not, Justice Charles Hackland's decision reinforces the importance of two issues -- governance and trust. What went wrong in this scenario?

Booted From Office

A court ruling has removed Rob Ford from his job as Toronto's mayor. Ford was found to have violated the Municipal Conflict-of-Interest Act by Ontario Superior Court Judge Charles Hackland. Ford fai...

Key Points In Case To Remove Rob Ford

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford will testify in court Wednesday about allegations he violated conflict of interest rules when he spoke and participated in a council vote regarding a financial penalty he was or...

Push To Remove Rob Ford From Office

If Paul Magder and his lawyer Clayton Ruby get their way, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford will be removed from office. The Toronto homeowner has filed a legal application to force Ford off city council with th...