Payday Loan

Natalia Lukiyanova via Getty Images

Ontario's Government Could Have Fixed The Payday Loan Industry

Obviously we should all do our best to live within our means and pay off our other debt, but if you have lost your job, or had a medical issue, or have gone through a divorce you may have more debt than you can handle, which is why an increasing number of Canadians are turning to solutions like a consumer proposal. What should the Ontario government have done to help address the specific problem of payday loans?

Big Fines For B.C. Money Lenders

VICTORIA - Three money-lending companies in B.C. have been fined for violating consumer protection laws.Consumer Protection BC has ordered Loan Express Corp., Cash Store Financial Inc., and Justenna E...

What Really Makes a "High Interest" Loan

While the concerns regarding the potential negative impact of certain high interest loans are legitimate, the debate has failed to consider the context in which high interest loans exist. It is too simple to label a loan "high interest" by looking only at the annualized interest rate. There are many other factors that determine the true cost of borrowing.