Peggy Nash

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After Spectacular Failure, NDP Needs A Leader Who Can Inspire

The most important thing is for the NDP to not limp along and slip into irrelevance, but to boldly rebuild. Canada needs the NDP. But it needs an NDP that is both inspiring and competent, visionary and responsible, principled and practical. The many dedicated NDP activists need to know what happens now. Where is the NDP headed and how do they fit in to the big picture? What are the concrete plans to rebuild? Which brings me to the leadership question. The Leader too has to share the blame and Tom Mulcair has acknowledged this.

Balanced Budget? What's The Rush?

OTTAWA - The New Democrats say the governing Conservatives' rush to balance the books could delay the economic recovery from the recession.NDP finance critic Peggy Nash says cuts and austerity measure...

So, About All That Bragging..

OTTAWA - The opposition pounced Friday on the Conservative government's insistence that the Canadian economy is still strong despite unexpectedly grim job numbers and an unemployment rate that ticked...

What NDP Wants To See In Federal Budget

The NDP is calling on the Conservative government to fund transit, pensions and health care for veterans in the 2013 federal budget, the party's finance critics said Monday. Finance critic Peggy Nash...

The Final Face-Off

The seven federal NDP leadership hopefuls are squaring off against each other for the last time before the party's convention, with Thomas Mulcair again coming under fire at Sunday's debate in Vancouv...

Look Who's In The Hot Seat

VANCOUVER - The candidates in the NDP leadership race joined their efforts Sunday during the party's final debate in Vancouver to halt the frontrunner's momentum, warning Thomas Mulcair's new vision w...

Who Is the NDP Wooing?

WINNIPEG - The seven people vying to lead the NDP are vowing to do a better job of wooing voters in the party's Prairie birthplace, saying they need to if they're going to form Canada's next governmen...

NDP Leaders Face Off In Winnipeg

NDP leadership hopefuls gathered in Winnipeg on Sunday to debate how best to broaden the party's appeal to win more voter support west of Ontario. With only three members of Parliament elected from t...

Parlez-Vous Francais

QUEBEC - The NDP leadership candidates had their French-language skills put to the test at a leadership debate Sunday in Quebec, where the party is hoping to regain the momentum that led to its offici...

Topp Tops In NDP Fundraising

OTTAWA - Brian Topp has raised the most money of any of the eight candidates vying to become the next leader of the federal NDP.According to fourth quarter financial figures released by the party, the...

leadership race in Canada and U.S.

Leadership races are happening in the U.S. and Canada and for most voters and partisans, while winning elections are important, it is also about what kind of policies will be implemented. Most people want to support more than just a political party; they want to support a movement based on clear values.

Mulcair's Environmental Gambit

Say what you will, but Mulcair has bonafides in the environmental field and as Canada abandons international climate accords like Kyoto, any opposition leader -- let alone Prime Minister -- needs to understand the environment file deeply, and the role our environment plays in our economic future.