Personal Debt


5 Ways to Freshen up Your Finances This Spring

Spring is a time for renewal and for making a fresh start. It's also time to spring ahead with some new, healthy and wonderful habits to kick start our personal finances to get them moving in the right direction. Here are five easy ways to embrace frugality in your everyday routine and habits.

What the Marshmallow Test Tells Us About Money Management

Back in the 1960s, Stanford University researcher Walter Mischel conducted a famous study about self-control. After following the study group for 40 years, the researcher's findings about self-control continue to provide insight today into our collective psychology. That insight may be worth reflecting upon as we confront our current debt loads.
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Happy Graduation, You're $30,000 in Debt!

Those graduating from post-secondary programs this spring faced the harsh reality that student loan debt in the country has exceeded $15 billion. When our financial leaders speak of Canada's current personal debt, they speak about monetary considerations like tightening mortgage rules and anticipated interest rate increases. But we don't hear many comments about current debt loads that go beyond the economics of the issue. What about the social changes that may be required to dealt with, or simply result from, all this debt?
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Half Empty Or Half Full?

TORONTO - A new Harris/Decima poll conducted for CIBC says half of the respondents had been able to reduce their debt level over the past 12 months.It found 71 per cent of the people surveyed national...
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Canadians Cut Back

OTTAWA - New data on consumer credit suggests Canadians are becoming more cautious about making purchases that involve taking on debt.The analysis by TransUnion Market Trends shows average consumer de...

Canadian Personal Debt Hits High

TORONTO - Canadians have pushed their debt levels to an eight-year high in a climate of ultra-low interest rates, according to a new report that suggests consumers are unmoved by repeated warnings tha...

4 In 10 Canadians Hindered By Debt: Poll

TORONTO - About 72 per cent of Canadians say they're holding some form of debt, according to a new poll by CIBC. The bank found that of those debtholders, four in 10 say their current debt level is an...