Peter Lougheed Dead

Patrick LaMontagne

Death According to an Editorial Cartoonist

Yes, it's morbid that from time to time, I make my living from a product that is derived from someone's death. When someone of note, whether political or cultural, is close to death or has died, I often feel like a vulture, sitting on a fencepost, waiting to take advantage of the situation. It's not a great feeling. And it's very difficult to be genuine and not come across as maudlin.

Time To Say Goodbye

EDMONTON - Members of Peter Lougheed's family will accept condolences from the public as the former Alberta premier's body lies in state at the provincial legislature.A coffin holding Lougheed's body...

Peter Lougheed Dead At 84: Former Alberta Premier Was A Titan

The former Alberta premier and Tory leader was, unequivocally, a titan. He was an Edmonton Eskimos alumni, with a masters degree from Harvard, and with the kind of family and political pedigree the likes of which you don't see in the public arena any more. But never mind that. Lougheed was a politician who redefined a province, who empowered Western Canada, who laid the foundation and turned Alberta from a rural bread basket into the engine that today fuels one of the world's most stable economies.